Saving on Your Beauty Routine Made Easy

We all are guilty of spending hundreds of dollars on premium skincare products as soon as we enter the beauty aisle on the basis of “claims” they make. What can be more heartbreaking than not getting the desired results?

Additionally, even if we do get our hands on a high-end skincare product that best suits our concerns, we want to splurge and buy it frequently. However, you can leverage offers or subscriptions on your favorite products to save money. For instance, signing up for a deodorant subscription can give you a lifetime discount, free delivery, and automated frequent delivery.

Keep reading this article if you’re looking for more easy ways to save on your beauty routine!

1.    Buy Small-Sized Products

Rather than buying family-sized products, you should try to find smaller or travel-sized products to help you test them out first.

Even if you don’t like the product, you won’t really regret it, as you didn’t spend a lot of money on it in the first place.

Moreover, some beauty products have a short shelf life. Again, instead of wasting half of the product, you should buy as required.

2.    Invest in Multi-Use Skin Care Products

You can easily find plenty of skincare products that offer multiple solutions in one bottle to help with different skin issues.

So, for instance, you will save a lot of money purchasing a two-in-one serum and toner or a moisturizer with sunscreen, rather than purchasing them separately.  

This will save you time and money and make your travel makeup bag lighter and easier to hold and carry.

3.    Never Skip Sunscreen

Spending a few dollars now can save you hundreds of dollars down the road. Not wearing sunscreen right after you’re done with your morning beauty routine will expose your skin to harmful UV rays and will cause damage to it like premature aging and wrinkles.  

To get back healthier skin, you will then have to invest in high-end creams or laser treatments. Hence, you should spare a few seconds at the end of the routine for youthful skin without having to break your bank.

4.    Use Your Moisturizer the Right Way

To avoid cracked, flaky, dull, and dry skin, you should use your moisturizer at the right time to squeeze out maximum benefits from it for the amount of money you’ve invested in it.

Usually, the right and the best time to nourish your skin is right after you take a shower or right after you cleanse your face. As your skin is damp, it helps to lock in moisture in your skin for added effectiveness.

5.    Utilize the Appropriate Amount of Skin Care Products

Using more than required will simply waste the product and your money. While using less product than required won’t benefit you either.

However, most of us are guilty of overusing and wasting our products. That’s why you should be aware of the appropriate amount of skincare products to use in the most economical way possible.

To help you out, here is the ideal amount for almost each skincare item on the basis of coin sizes:

  • Moisturizer and sunscreen – almost quarter-sized amount (better to use on both face and neck)
  • Serum – a pea-sized amount
  • Cleanser – a nickel-sized amount
  • Eye cream – a pea-sized amount
  • Exfoliator – dime to nickel-sized amount


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