Latest Wig Trends: V-Part Wigs

A wig is a great way to create a new and stylish look. That is why the correct choice of the length and the color of the curls as well as the constructive type of a wig is so important,Monica said from best human hair wigs shop online – Unice.From this point of view, the V-part wig remains a favorite among both stylists and girls who cannot do without experimenting with their daily looks.

Stylists suggest considering the V-part wig as a kind of compromise between naturalness and the desire to match trends. You can be sure that no one will guess that these curls are not your own by trying on almost any of them.

What is V-part Wig?

The key feature of this type of wig is a V-shaped cutout in the front of the item which can be located directly above the central part of the forehead or slightly to the side. You can pull a strand of hair of a certain thickness through this cutout and make your hairstyle more natural and organic. It is thanks to such a device that V-part wigs are very easy to take off and put on, besides, you can use them in any situation and whatever type and condition of your hair are. Such products are very similar to U-part wigs but unlike them, they have a pointed cutout which is much easier to hide under the hair without fear that someone will notice it.

Such a wig structure allows you to create natural hairstyles including those that leave the forehead open. In addition, the ability to add your hair will provide your look with more splendor and perfection and you will be able to change the styling the way you like it best.

How to Apply V-part Wig

The ease of installation is another important benefit of the V-part wig. As a rule, if you have experience, it will take you 1-2 minutes to put it on. And now we will tell you how.

Step 1: Select the V-part wig of the color, length, and volume that you need.

Step 2: Wash your hair with a shampoo suitable for them and dry thoroughly.

Try to avoid shampoos that contain aggressive chemicals that can cause allergies and skin irritation – on the contrary, use a serum to avoid discomfort and provide scalp protection. Also, make sure that there is no excess fat on the skin and hair. It can be removed with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol if necessary.

Step 3: Make your hair as smooth and pressed to the head as possible – in this case, simple braids without any volume will help you. Then separate some of your strands above your forehead: you will need them to close the V-cutout in the wig.

Step 4: Fix the wig on your head so that it holds as firmly as possible. For this purpose, special clips inside the product are provided.

Step 5: Distribute your hair, threaded through the cutout of the wig to disguise it and give the hairstyle a natural volume. Let your hair lie flawlessly and without the appearance of unnecessary elements.

If the wig is installed correctly and you feel comfortable even with vigorous head movements, you can do a classy styling. We are ready to present you with several options below:

  1. Spectacular voluminous curls. V-part wig strands in combination with your own will look great in perky flirty curls along the entire length. You can use your favorite curling iron to curl your wig and your own strands to get the desired steepness and volume.
  2. Use a headband. If you adore all kinds of headbands and find them cool, the V-part wig will not become an obstacle to the choice of your favorite accessory. The procedure for such styling is extremely simple: you put on your V-part wig, choose a headband, and complement your look. An additional bonus: when admiring your styling, no one will guess that you are wearing a wig!
  3. Half up, half down. The styling with half of the hair collected at the top, and the remaining curls flow freely, looks charming, feminine, and goes to almost everyone. Use it for celebrations, parties, and dates, and if necessary, you can add the same headband to your hairstyle.

Advantages of V-part Wig

So, as we have already stated, V-part wigs are put on easily and quickly and are very comfortable to use comparing lace front wigs (more visit shop×4-lace-frontal-wigs.html). However, these are not the only reasons why girls fall in love with them. Let’s talk about other advantages of the accessory.

  1. You can afford it

Machine-made V-part wigs are much cheaper than, for example, lace wigs. If you take the time to search for such a wig with discounts on special sites, the savings will please you even more.

  1. Free from laces and glue

In the production of V-part wigs, 100% natural human hair is used, while synthetic and adhesive compounds are not. In addition, you do not need to adjust and trim the lace, as the owners of lace wigs have to. Thus, you are completely freed from unnecessary hassle and worry about installing the wig on your head – just put it on, fix it with clips in the cap, and style it as needed with a comb. The perfect hairdo is ready!

  1. Natural repetition of the hairline and perfect match to the roots

Thanks to the very thin and flat weft where the strands of the V-part wig are attached, it fits tightly and comfortably to the scalp and creates the most natural hairline. The impression is enhanced by your own strands pulled out through the V-cutout.

  1. Natural and fresh look

We’ve already talked about this and we can’t help but repeat it: the key benefit of the V-part wig is the utmost naturalness of your hairstyle. There are never any strange and attention-grabbing bulges and elements due to the absence of a weft in the upper part of its thin and flat seamless structure. It is almost impossible to detect the artificial origin of a V-part wig even from a relatively close distance, especially if you add your own strands.

  1. Variety of hairstyles

Style the middle and side strands of the wig as you like. Use hairpins, elastic bands, hairpins, and ribbons for a spectacular decor and classy hairstyle. In other words, enjoy unlimited freedom when creating a stylish look – when you choose the V-part wig sky is the limit!

  1. Scalp protection

If you wear wigs constantly or very often for one reason or another, you run the risk of deterioration of hair quality or hair loss. The trouble can get worse if you put on or take off the wig incorrectly. If you want to preserve the health and beauty of your natural hair, a V-part wig is exactly what you need! It creates a minimal load for the scalp, allows the skin to breathe, does not cause problems with the nutrition of the hair roots, and lets them grow freely.

Some popular V-part Wigs Recommended

So, we discussed the benefits that make the V-part wig good for both beginners and pros in using this accessory. And now it’s time to talk about stylish solutions for your classy images. We bring several interesting models of this type to your attention – try and transform your look!

  1. Body Wave V-part Wig

This adorable V-part wig with long large-waved curls will let you shine in any situation. The cutout is located in the central part of the wig, so you can make a hairstyle with a straight parting using your own hair.

  1. Jerry Curl V-part Wig

This V-part wig with long fine curls will turn you into a real star. You can do absolutely any styling you like – even if you are a little tired of loose hair, just braid it.

  1. Kinky Curl V-part Wig

Magnificent volume, dark shine, and cool small waves are the dream of those who go for lush hairstyles. We do not doubt that you will appreciate the parting formed by the V-cutout because it looks flawlessly natural.

As you can see, the V-part wig remains a great solution both for those who are not pleased with their thin and lifeless hair and dream of spectacular voluminous styling and for those who cannot imagine their life without variety and new fashionable looks. Easy to use, charming natural look, no unnecessary or unnatural elements – there are so many profits that you may want to try immediately!

We are happy to advise you to start. Creating new images with a V-part wig will become an invaluable beauty experience for you!

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