Hottest Hair Color Trends 2022

In this world full of trends, we have to keep ourselves updated according to the trend. Be it a trendy dance on Instagram or a trendy song, everyone follows it. Talking about trends, we are here with some coolest hair color ideas for 2022. Let’s take you to our list.

For Men:

Here’s our list of best hair color for men:

1. Chestnut Color

Chestnut color is a shade of brown color. It suits men who have a fair to dusky skin tone. If your natural hair color is brown, the chestnut color will blend perfectly with your natural hair color. Keep the color of your beard the same color as your hair too. You can checkout Shahrukh khan Hairstyles for his similar hair color.

2. Ombre hair color

Getting an ombre hair depends on the natural color of your hair. If your natural hair color is dark, get a light color like white or golden. If your natural hair color is light, then get a dark color like red or blue. Making a perfect color combination is the key here.

3. Blonde Hair Color

Blonde hair color suits any type of natural hair color or texture. You can either color your whole hair blonde or highlight them with blonde color. Now there are different shades available of blonde too, like honey blonde or golden blonde, so get the one you like.

4. Mocha Hair Color

Brown color has many shades, and the mocha color is one of them. Mocha hair color suits those with a fair skin tone as it is a bright color. If your eyebrows are also light-colored, the mocha color will suit you; otherwise, it will look weird.

5. Hazel Hair Color

Hazel color suits any skin tone, be it dark or very fair. Hazel hair color goes with black or brown eyes. Hazel is a combination of green, brown, and golden, so you can get either or all colors.

For women

1. Expensive Blonde

Ladies, get that rich feel with expensive blonde hair color. It will make you look like you’re all set for the red carpet. We think that expensive blonde will look more beautiful on short hair than long hair. Bangs will sum up the whole look.

2. Curlights

Curlights is a hair coloring technique specially designed for curls. It gives your hair new lightning and gives your hair color a refreshing look. Light highlights like beige, wheat blonde, or caramel are used to match with the natural hair color.

3. Vivid overlays

Vivid hair coloring means when you color your hair in fun and bright colors. Overlay means adding reflection to your hair. So vivid overlays mean changing the tone of your hair, not the overall color, and adding a new shine to your hair.

4. Auburn spice

Auburn hair color comes both in red and brown. We’re talking about red color here as it’s a hot color. You can get any shade of red color, but dark red will suit more on dark hair color. Auburn spice suits both long and short hair.

5. Dimensional Copper

Coloring your hair in a single color like copper can look dull and boring. The dimensional coloring adds tone to your hair by giving your hair lowlights or highlights. Dimensional copper color will be able to show its true features on long hair.


Whether you’re a man or a woman, hair coloring is gender-neutral. We’re sure you’ve decided by now which hair color you want for your hair. You can visit Healthkeeda for more trending hair color ideas. So choose that color which makes your heart happy.

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