Eyelash Extension Care: 5 Expert Tips 

We all love a fresh set of long, striking and voluminous eyelashes. But as any lash artist knows, maintaining gorgeous lash extensions takes work and dedication. Along with educating our clients about proper lash after-care, we as lash techs can use professional tips for crafting picture-perfect lash sets. Join us as we explore 5 expert tips on eyelash extension care and why we should invest in premium-quality lash products today. 

 High-Quality Mink Eyelash Extensions 

         Investing in individual mink eyelash extensions is one of the best and easiest ways we can take our lash game to the next level.  

         Top-quality mink lashes, like The Stacy Lash Eyelash Extensions, are reliable eyelash products that have stable curls and optimal lengths. Whether your client is looking for that classic lash style or wants to experiment with festive colorful lashes, high-quality individual mink eyelash extensions are the way to go.  

Using Eyelash Primers 

         Now that we have our lashes picked out, let’s explore how we can create long-lasting extensions.  

         Before we can start attaching individual mink eyelash extensions, we must first prep our client’s natural lashes. Liquid-based lash primers can prepare natural lashes by balancing out their pH levels and creating stronger bonds between the adhesive glue and the lashes. Visit our eyelash extension store and fall in love with our powerful and easy-to-use Stacy Lash Lash primer!  

Using Lash Boosters 

         Lash Boosters are also high-quality products you can find in our lash extension supply store. Using just a few drops of Lash Boosters can quicken the bonding time and prevent lash fans from closing up.  

         With the Stacy Lash Booster, the curing process becomes effortless. When the booster is applied to lash sets and lash strips, it helps the extension glue immediately dry and fully cure. No more waiting around for the bonding to take place, as the quick and easy boosters are here to save you time and energy! 

Dual-Use Lash Shampoos 

         Another expert tip for crafting long-lasting lashes is to work with dual-use eyelash shampoo, like the Stacy Lash Foaming Lash Shampoo.  

         Dual-use eyelash shampoos are perfect for cleaning natural lashes before the extension application process and for our clients to upkeep their daily aftercare routines. Your customers can even incorporate dual-use eyelash shampoos to remove their eye makeup!

Using Extra Bonder 

         Eyelash extension bonders are incredible products that act as lash sealers, preventing shock polymerization reactions.   

         The Stacy Lash Extra Bonder works as an adhesive sealer that ensures instant polymerization of lash extensions. From evaporating moisture from the lash glue to reducing glue fumes, Extra Bonders make the adhesion process lightning-quick and painless. Not to mention how the Extra Bonder promotes stronger lash retention, whilst also being gentle on natural lashes. Browse through our lash extension supply store and experience working with high-quality lash products! 



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