4 Reasons to Consider Teeth Straightening


Your teeth can be the reason why you speak and laugh without inhibition or can be the reason why you are the quiet one in a social gathering. The first thing that most people notice in others is one’s smile, so if you are not comfortable with your smile, it will show. Brooklyn teeth straightening can help you achieve a smile that will not only boost your confidence but your overall health as well.

Teeth problems that call for teeth straightening include:

  • Crooked or broken teeth
  • Crossbite
  • Underbite
  • Open bite
  • Crowding

Increase your confidence

The most popular reason why people visit a cosmetology dentist is to get a smile that is show stopping. Bearing in mind that you have always been shy and detached because you are afraid of stares from people, teeth straightening will restore your confidence. When your dentist aligns your teeth, you will be more than willing to show of your new set of teeth or smile. 

Increase your level of dental hygiene

Any time you visit the dentist’s office for a procedure, the dentist begins the procedure by cleaning your teeth. Whether you are having braces, your dentist will encourage you to brush your teeth and floss daily to maintain a clean environment for your teeth. Since you want to maintain certain personal standards you will adhere to cleanliness.

Prevent further teeth damage

When you straighten your teeth, you decrease the spread of any dental diseases that you might suffer. Bacteria can easily hide in and within crooked teeth making it easier for you to have issues like inflamed gums. The earlier you deal with a dental problem, the better chances you have of eliminating the problem.

Prevent deterioration of your overall health

Every system in your body accounts to your overall health and that includes your dental system. If you have periodontal disease and you don’t see a dentist in good time, the disease will increase the likelihood of you suffering a stroke or cardiovascular disease. The bacteria in your mouth can travel to other areas and lead to other diseases.

Possible treatments for teeth straightening

You should straighten your teeth as soon as possible. Although teeth straightening is done in adults, dentists recommend going for treatment as soon as you turn seven years old. At that age, it will be easier to guide your teeth to a growth pattern.


Braces are metallic dental devices that dentists use to straighten your teeth. The guide and position your teeth in their appropriate position. If your teeth are not aligned, you can use braces to align them. That said, click here to find the right braces for you.


Invisalign is a teeth straightening treatment that is not conspicuous like braces. They are removable, made of plastic, and you wear them over your teeth. With both treatments, you will use a retainer to keep your teeth straight after the use of the above methods.

Considering the advanced technology in teeth straightening, you don’t have to shy away from embracing your true self. If you want to feel good about your teeth, you can visit Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics, New York, and straighten your teeth. Call or book an appointment online and walk away with a more confident smile.


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