Self-Care Items for Winter

Once the holiday excitement is over, the harsh realities of winter can start to take their toll. Yes, winter can be a beautiful season, but it’s also a time of poor sleep, dry skin and limited opportunities for exercise. Practicing a little self-care in the winter — be it snuggling with a weighted blanket, treating yourself to new workout equipment or showing your skin some extra love — can go a long way in making the cold season a little more bearable. So, here are a few winter self-care items to inspire you to take care of yourself all season long.

  1. A balm that protects your lips and more

Your poor skin can only take so much winter weather before it starts crying out for a moisture-packed solution to restore its natural softness. When that moment finally arrives (if it hasn’t already), reach for a multi-purpose balm that you can use to soothe parched lips, cracked heels and dehydrated skin. The best multi-purpose balms tend to have simple yet effective ingredients — think jojoba oil and rose wax — that help lock in moisture and protect even the most compromised skin.

  1. A weighted blanket to help you get better snooze

If your sleep quality takes a nosedive in the winter, try snuggling up with a top-quality weighted blanket. Not only do these soothing blankets make ideal snuggle buddies on a cold winter day, but some research suggests that the added pressure from a weighted blanket may help calm your body before bedtime and make it easier to get a good night’s rest. For double the stress relief, use your weighted blanket while practicing anxiety exercises (e.g., breathing techniques and body scan meditation).

Pro tip: Planning to do more traveling this year? Keep your travels light and stress-free by packing a weighted eye mask in your travel kit.

  1. A light therapy box to stave off the winter blues

Does your mood tend to drop with the temperature? You’re not alone. According to Psychology Today, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is thought to affect more than 10 million Americans.

Fortunately, there’s one simple product that may help fight off those gloomy feelings: a light therapy box. Designed to mimic bright outdoor light, these artificial light sources are proven to have a beneficial effect on mood, energy, alertness, attention and other markers of seasonal depression.

Before you buy any old light therapy box, though, be sure to check in with your doctor first. They can help you choose the perfect light therapy box and come up with a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

  1. Air-purifying plants that liven up your home

There’s nothing better than stepping into a space with lush, vibrant greenery, especially when the weather is bleak and miserable-looking outside. Houseplants have a way of instantly brightening up our surroundings and lifting our mood. In fact, research has shown that people who decorate their office with houseplants tend to worry less and take fewer sick days. So, why not liven up your space with some pretty blooms, like a peace lily plant or an orchid?

No matter which type of plant you’re leaning towards, be sure to avoid the fake ones. In a study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, researchers suggest that interacting with indoor plants (e.g., watering and repotting them) can provide therapeutic benefits that you might otherwise miss out on with a faux plant.

  1. An electric tea kettle for instant tea and coffee

On a cold winter day, even so-called morning people often struggle to leave the warm confines of their bed. When you’re not genetically programmed to be an early bird, it can feel downright torturous. That’s where an electric tea kettle comes in handy. While it won’t make leaving your warm bed any less painful, it can help you warm up and recover your senses faster. Unlike stovetop kettles that take ages (or so it feels like) to warm up, an electric tea kettle can produce a warm cuppa within minutes with just one push of a button. For bonus self-care points, treat yourself to some gourmet tea or coffee!

  1. A high-quality robe

Is there anything more comforting than slipping into a luxurious robe at the end of a long day? We think not. Sure, a bath towel will do the job, but there’s something about wearing a robe post-bath that gives off five-star hotel vibes. The hardest part is finding a robe that ticks off all the boxes. For extra warmth and stress relief this winter, you might try a weighted bathrobe that uses gentle pressure to encourage rest and relaxation. Looking for a lightweight robe that makes you feel decadent? Slip into a silk kimono-style robe with gorgeous lace trim and an adjustable sash.

  1. A humidifier to keep colds and dry skin at bay

Bloody noses, dry sinuses and cracked lips are just a few of the many problems caused by dry indoor air. One item that can help? A humidifier. These nifty machines increase water vapor in the air, providing additional moisture to dry, parched skin. But that’s not where the benefits end. Humidifiers can also help stop the spread of viruses and make breathing easier if you end up getting sick. If you decide to use a humidifier, make sure you clean it regularly to prevent the buildup of bacteria and minerals.


Prioritize Self-Care This Season

As much as we look forward to winter layering and fresh blankets of snow, it can be tough to take good care of ourselves this time of the year. With these self-care products for winter, you can stay warm and comfortable until the snow and ice begin to thaw.

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