Holiday Makeup Hacks: Quick Beauty Tips

The holidays are upon us, and many of us are feeling festive and ready for the eggnog, a game of charades, and getting stuck into the mince pies. After our second year of chaos, isolation, and avoiding our friends and family to protect them, many will agree that we are looking forward to Christmas and seeing our loved ones.

Along with that, plenty of people are also looking forward to putting some effort into their outfits and appearances after being in pj’s for another year.

It is time to dust off your going-out shoes, break out the makeup kit again, and follow these holiday makeup hacks to get yourself well on your way to festive frolics.

Make it Three in One

One of the easiest and most cost-free  ways to help your makeup to look seamless is to use the same color for your eyebrows, eye shadow, and light contouring. Using the same brown or dark brown color for all three parts of your makeup will allow these features to become harmonious with each other. This works best if you are using a light to medium brown, and are using an eyeshadow formula, as this is popular for eyebrows and can be used on the face too. Make sure to blend well on your face and finish off your brows with a clear pomade or brow gel.

Alternatively, if you have a lipstick that you love the color of, using it both on your lips and your cheeks will create a similar effect, giving a luxurious, coordinated look.

Invest in some professional hair & makeup supplies to make sure your whole look is polished.

Use Setting Spray Before and After

Setting spray is commonly used after a full face of makeup has been applied in order to… yes, you guessed it, set the makeup. However, there are a few more ways in which you can use your setting spray to help you get the best out of its staying power. This includes spraying your skin before you have applied any makeup, as this gives the makeup something to adhere too, and provides an extra barrier between the skin and the makeup, which can prevent sliding! You can also use it on your makeup sponge to dampen it before use and keep that makeup locked in as you apply it.

Carry Around a Liquid Highlighter

Not much can refresh the face like a liquid highlighter, and the beauty of them are that they can be used on many areas of the body that you want to achieve that fresh glow. Pop some in the inner corners of the eyes to make them appear brighter, swipe some over the collar bones and shoulders to make your upper body look polished, and don’t forget to add some to the tops of the cheekbones for that fresh, dewy look. Using a liquid highlighter is also great if you need to liven up your complexion after a long day. Finish with a hydrating spritz!

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